London Fashion Week

My LFW finds (so far!): Marchesa, Matthew Williamson, Temperley London and Mary Kantrantzou


London Fashion Week

SHRIMPS! A Faux Fur line that is making headway on both sides on the pond. Hannah Weiland had her first presentation at LFW on Friday with some fun finds which were inspired by the Flintstones. The accessories are fun too! – my fave is the mauve and grey stole!


New York Fashion Week

My NYFW finds: Oscar, Jenny Packham and DELPOZO


Photo shoot with Joey Armstrong

To end off the summer, I wanted to do a photo shoot incorporating all the products I have blogged about this summer for pure fun. Why not? I enlisted Joey Armstrong – a fabulous lifestyle photographer here in Vancouver (along with her awesome assistant Alison Page – who is a photographer herself) who helped me create a wonderful photo shoot that was placed products organically and featured yours truly. I think that the pictures turned out wonderfully and its always cool to see how different photographers work their magic and really get you to shine. Thanks Joey, Alison and Diana (makeup artist) for the fun shoot and fabulous pics!


Sophie’s Closet Review

I have to admit – I only found out about Sophie’s Closet through Instagram when designer, Kenneth Jay Lane gave a shout out to the online store.  I clicked on the handle and I was hooked like a magpie to a shiny piece of metal. Sophie’s Closet is an online mecca for rare, vintage (read: Chanel, Dior, YSL!) and contemporary jewlery from both established and up-and-coming designers.

Not only is Sophie’s Closet a great shop (I just purchased the last Joanna Laura Constantine Gold Double Leaf ring), but I feel like founder, Sophie Katirai could be my friend.  We have so many similarities! – Huge love of jewelry/accessories, MBA grads, and have both travelled a fair bit (yet – I can’t say that I’ve lived in 6 countries).

I really wish that I was able to visit showroom when I was in Dubai (which seems like ages ago). But I guess that means I need to plan another trip!

Check out Sophie’s Closet on Twitter/Instagram: Sophiescloset and don’t forget to ‘Like’ Sophie’s page on Facebook too!


Tiggy Ross Review

The art theme continues with the introduction to Vancouver artist, Tiggy Ross. I have to say – Instagram is perfect for connecting people via hashtag.

I’m intrigued by Tiggy’s use of watercolour combo’s and can’t wait to see what other elements of nature Tiggy uses in her art.

I’ll be waiting along with everyone else for the big reveal of her website on July 30!

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram: @TiggyRoss and ‘Like’ her page on Facebook.


Panty by Post Review

I love mail. All sorts. Magazines. Greeting cards. Flyers. Even the occasional bill.

Panty by Post is a subscription service which sends you a pretty panty in the mail. Yay! FYI: these aren’t your average $5 for $25 Victoria Secret finds either – Panty by Post features brands like Blush and Hanky Panky.

Out of all the subscription services – this has to be the most novel. And it’s not just for ladies – guys can get their underwear too.

Receive $15 off a 3,6,12 month subscription with the promo code:IMNEW15

Don’t forget to follow them on twitter: pantybypost and instagram: pantybypostca and ‘Like’ them on Facebook!


Janelle Burger

It wouldn’t be fair to showcase artists and not highlight one of my favourites –  Janelle Burger. She does fabulous fashion illustrations, stationery, iPhone cases and even shirts. Check out her online store. I was lucky that she was able to do illustrations and the cover for my own book, The Love List.

Located in Paris, I had the opportunity to meet up with her early this year and visit one of her favourite places, Le Bon Marche. It was fantastic!

Don’t forget to follow her on twitter: janelleburgers and instagram: janelleburger  (ps: that’s not her real name:)


Dolch Designs aka IMPAPER.CO

There is a definite theme emerging on my blog right now….art. Coming up in the next few weeks, I’ll be showcasing some great artists (emerging and established) and I can’t wait (there is something that makes me smile about great design)! Plus, it will give you the excuse to exchange those tacky office prints (or dated Children’s artwork)  for something modern and inspirational.

Dolch Designs is a company created by two current university students specializing in typography and graphic art prints. First of all, they are in school. I know I wasn’t running my own business while studying – I was folding jeans at the Gap.

And second – it’s great art. Sure you can get something massed produced  at your local Chapters or IKEA, but it’s always nice to know that you are purchasing something unique/limited (custom orders are available). As an aside – you get the prints in the mail (I love getting mail!) which is always a nice treat.

Here is a promo code so you can get 20% off your entire purchase: elenam

Don’t forget to follow Dolch Designs on twitter/instagram: @DolchDesigns and ‘Like’ them on Facebook too!


Nectar Juicery Review

BIG THINGS are happening to my site this month! Can’t wait… until then – let’s talk about juice.

Nectar juicery, a local company, offers up cold pressed juices. And let me tell you – they are tasty! They are camping out all month at Holt Renfrew Vancouver on the skybridge with free customized cleansing consultations! A win win in my books:) My trainer would call me lazy – but who wants to spend their half their day with a blender in a room full of vegetables concocting the perfect juice – especially when it’s sunny?

I’ve been drinking the Chlorophyll Aid post and pre workouts. The juice contains 9.5 alkaline water, chlorophyll, minerals, manuka honey, +26, lemon. It’s great for the skin and lowers the pH of the body (read: it’s a good thing!).

Don’t worry if you can’t get around to picking up juice at the stand this month – you can sign up for delivery service to your business/residence as well as find them at YYoga.

Make sure you follow Nectar juicery on twitter/instagram: @NECTARjuicery and ‘Like’ them on Facebook too and let them know where they should pop up next!


Maison Du Soir Review

Have you ever wanted to roll out of bed and go out for dinner without changing your outfit? With Maison du Soir, now you can! Former ballerina turned fashion designer, Courtney is the creative designer behind this SoCal line of loungewear which can double as a day to night outfit.

Pure genius!

I purchased my own silk black shorts with a cute pink trim and it arrived with two surprises! An eye mask and handwritten note from Courtney herself! Very classy and sweet considering the line has already been featured on the Zoe Report! I was going to take a picture of me wearing the shorts – but now I want the top as well so you’ll have to wait until those arrive;)

PS: If silk isn’t your thing (I’m converted now!) the line carries loungewear in cotton as well!

Get your own regular priced sleepwear from Maison Du Soir at 15% with the discount code: NEWFRIENDS15

Don’t forget to follow Courtney on twitter and instagram: @Maison_Du_Soir and ‘Like’ her page on Facebook


Beautulleful Review

Many people know that I’m girly. I love a great skirt that twirls. And nothing gives rise to my inner ballerina than Beautulleful skirts. I’m so excited that they are a local Vancouver find!

The Beautulleful gals are 2 BFFs that have worked on their collection for 2 years, producing 4 colours of skirts in 3 different styles (knee, tea and full) – each with 6 layers of tulle! And don’t worry about being itchy – they are all lined! Phew! The skirts are truly the perfect POUF.

I think that the graceful grey tea skirt would look amazing with my pink Valentino’s and All Saints black leather moto jacket! You can wear them day or night. So many style options – I can’t wait to order mine 🙂

And to make sure you get yours asap, the lovely Beautulleful gals have given me a pre sale 30% discount code to share: SECRETSUMMER14  This is a day early because the sale officially begins on July 4-6!

Make sure to add them to your Twitter/Instagram to stay in the loop: @Beautulleful and ‘Like’ them on Facebook


Fatty Sundays Review

Buyer beware! These are no ordinary pretzel snacks!

Fatty Sundays are scrumptious, delicious chocolate dipped pretzels created by two lovely sisters from Brooklyn (Ali and Lauren).

Great name aside – Fatty Sundays are flavourful, fun and are the perfect marriage between salty and sweet treats.

PS: There are so many great flavours to choose from but my vote is for the smooth mint!

Here is a 15% discount code (FS15XEM) for your next order (good until Oct 1, 2014). Yay!

Don’t forget to add them on twitter and instagram: @fattysundays and of course, ‘Like’ them on Facebook.


Mini Bar Delivery App Review

I was going to save this post for the weekend – but it’s Wednesday and since the weather is heating up all I can thinking about is cocktails poolside or patio dinners on a lovely summer night.

I came across an ingenious app a few weeks ago. It’s called the Mini Bar Delivery App (available on both US and Canadian iTunes). Once you download the app, you can purchase wine, beer, spirits and get it delivered for free within an hour anywhere in NYC and the Hamptons! Such a great idea for an impromptu party or last minute gift giving.

Here is a discount code you can use for your next purchase: em052829

Don’t forget to add them on twitter and instagram: minibardelivery too!



Cookievonster for Brandee Buble

I love my talented friends! My friend Evon, (Cookievonster) has been making me cookies like crazy for years! It all started with a cookie for my birthday and most recently she has made cookies for my book The Love List.

Not only has Evon made cookies for my book, but for Brandee Buble as well. Brandee (sister of Michael Buble) has written a cute kids book entitled, O’shae the Octopus (available everywhere). And of course, Evon captured the book perfectly in a a stellar cake!

Fabulous work Evon and can’t wait to read your book Brandee (we should do a book swap)!


Pizza at Artichoke

The pizza chronicles. It’s always great to find a nice slice. This is at Artichoke.


Quote Post

“Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.”

– P.J O’Rourke.

Holt Renfrew Valentine’s Day

The Agents @amyleagil and #Kim stopped by yesterday. We are matching! @holtsvancouver @holtrenfrew #thelovelist Thanks for the support ladies!

Holt Renfrew Valentine’s Day Book Signing

Great minds think @maisonvalentino for #valentines @holtsvancouver (@holtrenfrew). Thanks for the photo @r2walia 🙂 #thelovelist

Pierre Torset Photo Shoot

Some great shots from the Pierre Torset shoot in Paris (Flytographer).

It was rather chilly and I did have to wake up early, but all in all great shots around the Louvre and Pont des Arts.



The Plaza

The plaza. #newyork

Paris Opera

Phantom of the Opera #paris #pariswalk #thelovelist

Paris Walk

I don’t know what kind of building this is – but very cool. #paris #pariswalk #thelovelist


Centre du Georges Pompidou. Night time museum jaunt. #paris #pariswalk #thelovelist

The Louvre

Napoleon’s Grand Salon. #louvre #pariswalk #paris #thelovelist

Paris Walk: The Louvre

Sunday afternoon at the Louvre #paris #pariswalk #thelovelist

A day in Paris

A Janelle Burger original.

I finally met up with my Parisian illustrator friend Janelle. She drew all the artwork, including the cover that you see in The Love List. And thankfully, she has agreed for an interview!

Our day started out the Le Bon Marche where we ate at the Rose bakery. Then we carried on through the store shopping and chatting away. We then made our way to the Madeline area on foot searching for this speciality mustard store (which we couldn’t find – it’s La Maison Maille).  We were so hungry by the end we settled on some random restaurant.  There are so many speciality stores – I can’t wait to go back to the Madeline area.

By the end of it, i had a giant Kenzo bag in my hand filled with other finds. Yay pour soldes (for sales)!


Birthday in Paris

I’m in PARIS! Yay! Many adventures to be had and guess what? You’ll get to see the majority of my pics right here on my blog. Later today – it’s 5 am  right now – I’ll be meeting the illustrator of #thelovelist for the very first time! Whoohoo 🙂

Here is a pic from my walk yesterday right by the Louvre. So pretty.

Stay tuned…


Louvre Stroll

Just a stroll by the louvre #paris #pariswalk


Louvre from the outside looking in. #paris #pariswalk

Traffic Jam in Paris

Traffic jam #Paris

Happy Birthday to me!

This picture proves so many things: my love of cake, sparkly shoes (It’s a #Cinderella cake), I have the best party dresses and that – to this day – I still have trouble cutting with a knife. Happy Birthday to me 🙂

Box thinking

Ever since i graduated and published my book, The Love List. People have been on my case for what’s next. I have heard countless suggestions from friends and family who seem to have opinions on what my next move should be.

It’s funny because i began to realize that the more you do, the more people have opinions/thoughts on what you’re doing. Very rarely do suggestions come out when a person is going through the motions of everyday life. In fact these are the times when people aren’t really living.

So this is to let you know, that i will be OK. I will be more than OK – I’ll be great. And in true Elena fashion – I will keep on surprising you. 

So please save your box thoughts for yourself.


Happy New Year!

In reflection, 2013 was more about celebration for me. I had a great fair themed birthday, went on a few trips, published my first book and graduated with an MBA.

Now what? I believe 2014 will be all about building on the foundation of 2013 and taking everything further. New job, launching my book in other cities, getting back into traveling. All stuff like that.

I’ve become smarter with matters of the heart. Doesn’t make it any easier though. I’ve consciously said goodbye to three individuals within the last few days. It goes back to my string vs ribbon concept. I was stringing them along because they were 50% or more of my list. But in some way or another – they weren’t right. And holding onto them and wishing that certain facts were going to change isn’t going to help either. Waste of my time.

The little time I had left, because I was so busy accomplishing two huge goals that the year zipped by.

I think I want to be forthcoming with all that I have accomplished this year. Really relish in it. Not bragging. But owning it.

I also need to be gracious and more kind to everyone.

I can’t wait for 2014 to start.


Chapters Book Signing!

So much fun! My book signing at Chapters.


Thank You!

Long over due thanks to @queensberryflowers and @beyondthescope for my @chaptersindigo book launch for #thelovelist! (at Chapters, Granville and Broadway)

Two Goals in Two Years

Two goals in two years. What’s next? #thelovelist #ubcgrad

Unexpected Love

Unexpected love. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and gifts 🙂 Thanks @theexperienceevents! Couldn’t pull it off without you! #thelovelist #book #booksigning (at Shangri la vancouver )

Book Launch Outfit

Book launch party ready #thelovelist @theexperienceevents @maisonvalentino (at Shangri la vancouver )

Grad school. Done and Done.

Well it’s over. A little under two years and I have myself three more initials after my name.

The most rewarding comment came from a fellow classmate who said that I delivered the best presentation that she has ever seen me partake in.

Excellent. It’s wonderful to leave on a high note.


Lanvin Necklaces

I have been coveting the latest Stephanie themed Lanvin necklaces. Sure there is the obvious ‘Happy’ and ‘Love’ but there is something about ‘Beyond’ that speaks to something unexpected. And honestly, do you really want a cry for ‘Help’ to be around your neck?


The power of the blankie

I spent an entire weekend in bed. Ok – slight exaggeration. Way too much time. For a girl whose sleep-in is usually a couple minutes after 8 am – i slept like baby. All thanks to my blankie (it’s actually a duvet)!

Fact: a great blankie/duvet is like a great snuggle that won’t let you down. Forget the other person breathing on you, or warming up their feet with your body heat. The duvet will never nudge you over when you snore (i mean, who doesn’t snore) or wake you up a touch early. You can be the big spoon or the little spoon – the duvet doesn’t care. It’s the comfort that keeps on giving.

ELENA:) ps: my next book is called the Art of Spooning!

Where I’m at…

I’ve never been so tired in my entire life. And it doesn’t help that my nose is runny either. My head is pounding and on Friday, when i decided to take 2 Tylenol cold medication tablets (daytime pills), it made me so nauseated and drowsy. Blah.

My final paper/project is due at the end of Sept. And i put myself on a  writing schedule of 5 pages per weekend. Right now, I have a line. Eek.

I’m working with my favourite editor right now on a book trailer. Should be out sometime this week on my site:

Home stretch and all i want right now is my blankie. 


Inspiration Inventory

So my friend pointed out i’ve been slipping on my blog and haven’t been updating as much as i should. Of course, due to my book/school/work I haven’t quite dedicated time to tumblr as much as instagram and twitter. So now I will make it up in my inspiration update…..

School is out for the summer. I have 2 papers and one last presentation until actual convocation in the fall. Can’t wait.

The book is in it’s final stages and I’m collaborating with some fantastic talented friends. Some old, some new. A good friend Derek connected me to Janelle who illustrated my entire book including the cover. Such amazing work. The illustrations alone get me excited!

I must say. It’s take a while for this book to come together. And what better way to celebrate – then with a super book launch. I’m lucky to know Serendipity Planners and The Experience who are willing to help me create something memorable.

Knowing all these creative individuals and being able to collaborate with them has definitely rejuvenated my inspiration inventory.

I feel that the common denominator between all of them is their willingness to play and not get bogged down by semantics and logistics.

So invigorating in a world bound by rules and constructs.


Last night in Dubai

Last night in Dubai at the Burj Al Arab.


Day Six: Ski Dubai

Day Five: Ski Dubai!


Day Four Night: Dubai

Day Four Night: Shisha at the 360 degree bar overlooking the Burj Al Arab


Gold ATM

World’s First Gold ATM at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi