Old Joy Gift Box Review

I travel a fair bit and when I meet someone new they always ask me, “What’s Vancouver like anyway?” I never struggle in saying it’s calm and clean. I mention the trees, the mountains, the ocean and the rain. All things environmental.  Now, thanks to Old Joy Gift Boxes – I have an answer that captures both the atmosphere and the flavor of Vancouver.

Melissa Mills has taken the best of the best of Vancouver artisans (Woodlot, Vancouver Olive Oil Company, Lissu Linen and Minimocs to name just a few!) and thoughtfully curated her gift boxes with an accent of an old joy – a vintage item that ties whole box together. She painstakingly handpicks her products to align with the interest of the recipient (like a cool vintage camera for my friends at Flytographer).

Melissa has a keen eye for aesthetic and design and don’t even get me started on the ribbon she uses! I lust after this classic black and white grosgrain ribbon that I feel Coco Chanel would use in the early days making her hats (Note to Melissa: Find more of that ribbon!).

The boxes themselves are made out of reclaimed wood and lined with an OLFCO flower arrangement (dried flowers in shipped boxes) which make the boxes very west coast.

After ordering a number of boxes, I began to realize that the real secret behind the boxes – is actually Melissa herself.  Mother of a beautiful girl, she is always with a smile and a sunny disposition. Melissa is the true definition of joy and the passion she has for her craft radiates like the sun in every box she delivers – much like a glorious day in city of Vancouver.


Happy New Year!

In reflection, 2013 was more about celebration for me. I had a great fair themed birthday, went on a few trips, published my first book and graduated with an MBA.

Now what? I believe 2014 will be all about building on the foundation of 2013 and taking everything further. New job, launching my book in other cities, getting back into traveling. All stuff like that.

I’ve become smarter with matters of the heart. Doesn’t make it any easier though. I’ve consciously said goodbye to three individuals within the last few days. It goes back to my string vs ribbon concept. I was stringing them along because they were 50% or more of my list. But in some way or another – they weren’t right. And holding onto them and wishing that certain facts were going to change isn’t going to help either. Waste of my time.

The little time I had left, because I was so busy accomplishing two huge goals that the year zipped by.

I think I want to be forthcoming with all that I have accomplished this year. Really relish in it. Not bragging. But owning it.

I also need to be gracious and more kind to everyone.

I can’t wait for 2014 to start.