House of Coco: 48 Hours in London

En route to Losinj, I was able to stay one night pre and post trip in London. 35 hours is not alot of time. Here are my suggestions to make the most of your short time. Click here to read the piece on House of Coco.


THRIVE: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with food designer/scientist, Dr. Johnny Drain

So last year, I wrote one of the best pieces I’ve ever written called Food for Thought. Dr. Johnny Drain was a part of it. It only made sense to get him back to see what he was up to  this year. Check out his interview here.


BELLA: Elegant, Elaborate Easter Eggs for Everyone

I love Mini-Eggs and so today I organized a mini egg ice cream run for the department at work. While these eggs are almost too pretty to eat, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem devouring them. Read the BELLA article here. 



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