Joan’s on Third

Joan’s on Third. Need i say more. I bought some lunch here. We had breakfast here. My friend bought goodies from here. Spectacular. Yes, i must give credit to the GOOP website which turned us on to this lovely place which was in our hood. Across from Magnolia’s, it’s a definitely a place to check out. I really think it reminds me of a quaint Dean and Deluca’s.


L.A. Day 1 continues

Then it was on to Appian Way (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Nuyorician (Jennifer Lopez) Productions. I really didn’t think that with all the tight security there might be a problem.

We went to Appian Way on Sunset and managed to walk right past the cleaning people who paid us no attention. At the door, i slipped a couple of cards under the door while my friend held the elevator.

At Nuyorician Productions we did the same, only the door opened just as we were getting onto the elevator. But even to get into the building is another story, we first had to enter the parkade and take the elevator up to the correct floor as the front door was locked.

It definitely isn’t easy to gain access to big production companies when you don’t have an appointment!


Are You Ready?

After the two casting agencies, we were on our way to Bad Robot and Bruckheimer Productions. Two places, very close together. Bad Robot is J.J Abrams’s production company. The sign “are you ready?” is on the door to the office. There was no door bell or anything like that so i put some post cards through the door and some on the cars in the back.

At Bruckheimer Productions, there was no door. Just a nice security guard at a large gate who took my postcard.


Casting Director Agency

Later that day we visited one more casting agency… Bluewater Ranch Casting, the office of Mindy Marin to drop off cards. The office was really cute… it was in the back and it looked like a litlle farmhouse. Here is a picture of Rachel Bilson coming out of the office (not on the same day).


L.A. Day 1 continues: Sony

So after the trip to Sony i scratched all the big studios off the visit list, except for Universal which i will tell you about later.

We then went to Santa Monica area where we went to casting agency. It wasn’t until then that i realized my ideal plan of dropping off postcards for entertainment people might need to be modified. I was in the lobby of the building where the mail boxes were and saw a junk mail box full of actors postcards. 🙁 Yikes.

The casting agency did not put their name on the mail box or on their door either.

I didn’t realize the lengths they wanted to keep actors from dropping off submissions. That realization left me wondering if my trip was even going to be worth it.


L.A. Day One

Here is a run down what happened…

I’m sparing you the nitty gritty details like how i got my friend to come on this trip with me and how some would say that this was a trip for shameless self promo or guerrilla marketing. Who cares? I prefer the later.

After my friend bravley tackled the 405 (we aren’t used to big freeways! heck… I’m not used to driving in general) we checked in at the Avalon. For those of you who are wondering … very cute boutique hotel, nice pool, huge room, and $30 parking overnight.

Oh yeah, we used the GPS for maybe one day until an old school map was found which was used instead. I think we found the old school map gave us a better sense of the larger area then just being at the mercy of a little box (it was useful but much later).

In N’ Out was our lunch. I had a hamburger and fries. After lunch it was Sony Pictures…. on 5555 Melrose. And so it began…. something i will refer to as the Postcard Drop off.

The mission: to take as many Elena Murzello postcards as possible and spread them around L.A. to raw attention to my site. Needle in a haystack, OK sure. But i had to give it a go.

Entering the office building of Sony Pictures gave us our first indication that big studios were not the way to go. Too much security everywhere. The huge office building right across from the sound stages was in one word … scary. I believe i dropped off at the coffee table under a couple of magazines and we quickly got out. There was an opportunity to do the studio tour – but being that it would take 2 hours, we declined and moved on.


Where’s My Money by John Patrick Shanley

Where’s My Money by John Patrick Shanley

Discovery Communications Rejection

So because i was not allowed to enter the contest put on by Oprah, i decided to submit my video as a pitch to the new west coast head of programming development for Discovery Communications. Guess what? I got my very first rejection email. Yeah! I’m just happy i got a response…. here is the video and the email below. Claire is a Production Assistant for Discovery Communications.

Dear Elena,

Thank you very much for sending us your materials.  Simon had a chance to review your submission, and while interesting, it’s just not right for us at this time.

Best of luck to you.


Beginning July 12, Discovery Health delivers viewers from the summer repeat doldrums with an all-new BABY WEEK!  Featuring the riveting, real-life drama of babies born under extraordinary circumstances through six captivating specials, BABY WEEK will also unveil the network’s next breakthrough series, NICU, premiering Thursday, July 15 at 10 PM.
This e-mail, and any attachment, is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, re-transmission, copying, dissemination or other use of this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer. The contents of this message may contain personal views which are not the views of Discovery Communications, LLC.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games


This wonderful event seems so long ago!



Ok. Vienna in the winter wasn’t a super idea. It was super windy! But all the more reason to go back in the Spring. Here is the Schonbrunn Palace backyard….