5 Minutes 5 Questions: Heck Yeah Party Shop

What does 200 felt hearts from Etsy have to do with The Love List?  You’ll soon find out in Dec! For now, check out this interview I did with Lynsey, the owner of the fabulous Heck Yeah Party Shop where you can get everything from cake toppers to balloons. I really love Etsy for bringing artisans together; it’s like visiting a craft fair whenever you want.

Here is 5 minutes/5 questions with the friendly, crafty and sweet Lynsey Stewart:

1) How long have you lived in Toronto?

I was born and raised in Toronto, leaving only for short periods to attend University in Halifax and then a little later in life when I moved just outside of Whistler in BC. I loved both locations but, for me, Toronto is home. And where my family and friends are!

2) When did you decide to start up your Etsy party shop?

I’ve always been a creative and independent person. I began a career as an Event Coordinator to fulfill my creative side but found it was missing something. I started curating and creating my own products, inspired by items I felt were missing from the market place. Etsy was the perfect location to start my online shop as fees for sellers are minimal and the marketplace concept makes it incredibly easy for customers to find the items they are looking for.

3) What has been your most unique custom order/ custom request?

I was recently asked to assist a fellow Event Coordinator in New York State. She was planning a big Halloween bash for children whose parent(s) were incarcerated. In the past I have felt conflicted over my career path, often thinking what I do is frivolous, but having the opportunity to donate items that may have brought a little joy to children who truly deserve it, was an amazing opportunity.

4) What is your advice for new artists on how to make a successful online shop?

Diversify the products you offer but don’t loose track of your overall goal. It’s natural to adjust from your initial business plan or grow your business with new and different products but it’s really easy to get caught up in it. Ending up with items that may not make sense in the same store can affect your business and confuse your shoppers, especially in an Etsy shop where all of your items are listed together in a basic store layout.

5) What are the top three characteristics on your Love List (characteristics or qualities you are looking for in a potential mate or your current mate)?

The top three things I look for in a mate are sense of humor and adventure, a caring nature, and patience.


Tiggy Ross Review

The art theme continues with the introduction to Vancouver artist, Tiggy Ross. I have to say – Instagram is perfect for connecting people via hashtag.

I’m intrigued by Tiggy’s use of watercolour combo’s and can’t wait to see what other elements of nature Tiggy uses in her art.

I’ll be waiting along with everyone else for the big reveal of her website on July 30!

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram: @TiggyRoss and ‘Like’ her page on Facebook.


5 Minutes 5 Questions: Joey Armstrong

I’m so excited to be teaming up with this food/lifestyle photographer this summer for my first shoot in Vancouver (go figure!). Her name is Joey Armstrong and we first met when I frequented a local deli to buy beef jerky. I’m excited to see Joey in her element as she captures moments of fun at Soirette for the shoot!

Check Joey out on Instagram/Twitter: @joey_arm_strong and ‘Like’ her Facebook page: joey armstrong photography

Here is 5 minutes/5 questions with the lovely and creative Joey Armstrong:

1) How long have you lived in Vancouver?

just over 7 years!

2) What is your favourite thing about being behind the camera?

it’s a weird mixture of excitement and fear, to have the power and ability to create images that truly capture the beauty or the feeling of the subject itself (whether it’s a farmer’s market bounty of gorgeous produce, or an adorable family that loves that loves each other so much).

3) What is your most favourite picture you have ever taken?

tough question; i’m really indecisive! i don’t think i have a favourite picture ever taken, but my most recent favourite would be a photo i took of a dad & his young daughter fishing by the river (i love the look of pure joy on her face, and the water splashing everywhere).

4) What is your single best piece of advice for aspiring photographers?

failure, or the feeling of failure, is normal and totally okay – just make sure you move on, learn from it, and don’t take it personally.

5) What are the top three characteristics on your Love List (characteristics or qualities you are looking for in a potential mate or your current mate)?

patience. humour. helpfulness.


Panty by Post Review

I love mail. All sorts. Magazines. Greeting cards. Flyers. Even the occasional bill.

Panty by Post is a subscription service which sends you a pretty panty in the mail. Yay! FYI: these aren’t your average $5 for $25 Victoria Secret finds either – Panty by Post features brands like Blush and Hanky Panky.

Out of all the subscription services – this has to be the most novel. And it’s not just for ladies – guys can get their underwear too.

Receive $15 off a 3,6,12 month subscription with the promo code:IMNEW15

Don’t forget to follow them on twitter: pantybypost and instagram: pantybypostca and ‘Like’ them on Facebook!