C+C Lifestyles by Design Interview

I find that some things cannot be taught in school. Inspiration, being one of them. You can learn different skills/tools and the history that have inspired others – but your own inspiration is usually mesh between your reality and fantasy with a healthy dose of experience.

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with Chrissy, a Vancouver Interior designer and Cory (and their cute poodle Buttons) from C+C Lifestyles by Design to understand their inspiration behind their beautiful timepiece collection.

1) Why did you launch a luxury timepiece collection?

It all began while watch shopping; Cory and I were in the market for a new timepiece. I was sick of seeing everyone sporting the same Michael Kors watch that I had and I didn’t want another mainstream piece. I wanted something that was higher quality and stylish with a vintage appeal. Everything that I fell in love with was well past the 5K mark and I didn’t want to buy something just for name brand sake. Our date night conversations turned into watch design conversations and so we decided to take the budget that we planned on spending on a watch and put it towards designing our very own line.

2) What was your inspiration for the C+C logo?

Cory and I wanted to create a brand that really resonated with our values. We love the finer things, not the pretentious things; we wanted beautiful design, high quality with equally high ethics. C+C seemed fitting as it represents our love story in both romance and business. The name C+C was named after us… Chrissy and Cory. We wanted to create something that was meaningful, elegant, sophisticated and slightly whimsical. The crown represents a dream to build our own legacy and the two birds represent our love story. Our first collection, the Meraki series truly embodies our brand, as Meraki by definition is to create something with creativity and love, to put the essence of yourself into your work. That’s where Lifestyle By Design comes in.

3) Dream collaborations in the future?

For us, our collaborative ambitions are geared towards concepts rather than individuals. I think it’s so important to align oneself with others who share the same values. We are all about building something of integrity and beauty. To us Luxury is measured by time, taste and ethics and so we are looking to see C+C in circles where people echo the same values. There are a lot of amazing artists and designers out there that we would love to one day have the opportunity to work along side with but for now we are having fun just dreaming up and developing our next beautiful design.

To purchase your own timepiece, visit C+C Lifestyles by Design. A % of proceeds from each watch sold goes to the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation.

Be sure to follow C+C Lifestyles by Design on Instagram: @CCLifestyles as well as Chrissy’s design adventures, also on Instagram: @ChrissyCoDesign


Inspiration Inventory

So my friend pointed out i’ve been slipping on my blog and haven’t been updating as much as i should. Of course, due to my book/school/work I haven’t quite dedicated time to tumblr as much as instagram and twitter. So now I will make it up in my inspiration update…..

School is out for the summer. I have 2 papers and one last presentation until actual convocation in the fall. Can’t wait.

The book is in it’s final stages and I’m collaborating with some fantastic talented friends. Some old, some new. A good friend Derek connected me to Janelle who illustrated my entire book including the cover. Such amazing work. The illustrations alone get me excited!

I must say. It’s take a while for this book to come together. And what better way to celebrate – then with a super book launch. I’m lucky to know Serendipity Planners and The Experience who are willing to help me create something memorable.

Knowing all these creative individuals and being able to collaborate with them has definitely rejuvenated my inspiration inventory.

I feel that the common denominator between all of them is their willingness to play and not get bogged down by semantics and logistics.

So invigorating in a world bound by rules and constructs.