5 minutes 5 questions: Product of Science and Art


I give a Gold star to Matthew and Adriana from Product of Science and Art because they know where Wetaskiwin is 🙂 (my birthplace!). These two are definitely working their magic in the soap world, the design of each bar is a work of art and smell is amazing! I have wildflower and lemongrass green tea in tow for this trip.

Here is 5 minutes 5 questions with the fun, sweet duo of Product of Science and Art, Adriana and Matthew:

1) How long have you lived in Vancouver?

We moved to Vancouver on Halloween close to three years ago.

2) How did you start Product of Science and Art?

(A) – P.S.A. was founded in the early 2000’s by Matthews mother (Judy), when she grew tired of the lack of local skincare for sensitive types. Using her education and experience in the realm of Horticulture, (specifically Medicinal Herb Plant Health), she began to study the interaction of plants and skin.

3) What is the best part of your soap?

Our Signature Organic and Vegan formula, We purposely use 8 different Vegetable Oils and Butters to increase plant diversity and not rely on a single Mono crop. Our Formula is sourced for sustainability and sensitivity, so no matter which soap you get it is purely awesome!

4) Describe your favourite scent in a sentence.

Nothing beats a West Coast Forest Bath, walking deep in the forest with Fir resin and Cedar in the air.

5) What are the top three characteristics on your Love List (characteristics or qualities you are looking for in a potential mate or current mate)?

M – chill , centred and outgoing.
A – Fun, real, sweet.

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Tiggy Ross Review

The art theme continues with the introduction to Vancouver artist, Tiggy Ross. I have to say – Instagram is perfect for connecting people via hashtag.

I’m intrigued by Tiggy’s use of watercolour combo’s and can’t wait to see what other elements of nature Tiggy uses in her art.

I’ll be waiting along with everyone else for the big reveal of her website on July 30!

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