5 minutes 5 questions: Break-Up Box



I’m not going to lie. Break-ups are the worst. And break-up survival is exponentially harder when you don’t have your BFFs around for support. Enter Carissa and her great idea, Break-Up Box. Now you can send your North American bestie some love to get her back on her feet!

This is 5 minutes 5 questions with the sweet and caring Carissa, founder of Break-Up Box.

1) How long have you lived in New York?

I just moved to New York this spring.

2) Describe the NY dating scene in 5 words.

mobile, fast, intimidating, exciting, exhausting.

3) How did you start Break-Up Box?

My best friend was going through a tough break-up last summer and unfortunately we were living in different cities at the time. I felt guilty that I couldn’t be there to take her out and do things that would keep her mind off of her ex. I did a bit of research into the stages women go through during a break-up and the products which helped them get through it. After using my best friend as first hand market research for a few months, I sent her my first Break-up Box. After getting a lot of positive feedback from close friends and family, I decided to enter in a university-wide start-up competition which Break-up Box placed first in last fall.

4) What is your best break up advice?

Stay away from his social media accounts. Invest your time in yourself and your relationships with your friends. They’ll be what will get you through it.

5) What are the top three characteristics on your Love List (characteristics or qualities you are looking for in a potential mate or current mate)?
Smart, outgoing, passionate.

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Box thinking

Ever since i graduated and published my book, The Love List. People have been on my case for what’s next. I have heard countless suggestions from friends and family who seem to have opinions on what my next move should be.

It’s funny because i began to realize that the more you do, the more people have opinions/thoughts on what you’re doing. Very rarely do suggestions come out when a person is going through the motions of everyday life. In fact these are the times when people aren’t really living.

So this is to let you know, that i will be OK. I will be more than OK – I’ll be great. And in true Elena fashion – I will keep on surprising you. 

So please save your box thoughts for yourself.