The power of the blankie

I spent an entire weekend in bed. Ok – slight exaggeration. Way too much time. For a girl whose sleep-in is usually a couple minutes after 8 am – i slept like baby. All thanks to my blankie (it’s actually a duvet)!

Fact: a great blankie/duvet is like a great snuggle that won’t let you down. Forget the other person breathing on you, or warming up their feet with your body heat. The duvet will never nudge you over when you snore (i mean, who doesn’t snore) or wake you up a touch early. You can be the big spoon or the little spoon – the duvet doesn’t care. It’s the comfort that keeps on giving.

ELENA:) ps: my next book is called the Art of Spooning!

Where I’m at…

I’ve never been so tired in my entire life. And it doesn’t help that my nose is runny either. My head is pounding and on Friday, when i decided to take 2 Tylenol cold medication tablets (daytime pills), it made me so nauseated and drowsy. Blah.

My final paper/project is due at the end of Sept. And i put myself on a  writing schedule of 5 pages per weekend. Right now, I have a line. Eek.

I’m working with my favourite editor right now on a book trailer. Should be out sometime this week on my site:

Home stretch and all i want right now is my blankie.