London Fashion Week

SHRIMPS! A Faux Fur line that is making headway on both sides on the pond. Hannah Weiland had her first presentation at LFW on Friday with some fun finds which were inspired by the Flintstones. The accessories are fun too! – my fave is the mauve and grey stole!


Nectar Juicery Review

BIG THINGS are happening to my site this month! Can’t wait… until then – let’s talk about juice.

Nectar juicery, a local company, offers up cold pressed juices. And let me tell you – they are tasty! They are camping out all month at Holt Renfrew Vancouver on the skybridge with free customized cleansing consultations! A win win in my books:) My trainer would call me lazy – but who wants to spend their half their day with a blender in a room full of vegetables concocting the perfect juice – especially when it’s sunny?

I’ve been drinking the Chlorophyll Aid post and pre workouts. The juice contains 9.5 alkaline water, chlorophyll, minerals, manuka honey, +26, lemon. It’s great for the skin and lowers the pH of the body (read: it’s a good thing!).

Don’t worry if you can’t get around to picking up juice at the stand this month – you can sign up for delivery service to your business/residence as well as find them at YYoga.

Make sure you follow Nectar juicery on twitter/instagram: @NECTARjuicery and ‘Like’ them on Facebook too and let them know where they should pop up next!


5 Minutes 5 Questions: Rony Walia

Here is a picture of stylist Rony Walia working with Miss World Canada contestant Jasmeen Johal. I also had the pleasure of working with Rony on Valentine’s Day during my signing for The Love List at Holt Renfrew. We had so much fun dishing about fashion that I had to interview him.

Here is 5 questions/5 minutes with stylist Rony Walia.

1) How long have you lived in Vancouver?

Born and raised in this amazing city.

2) Describe your style in 3 words.

Black, abnormal, and clean.

3) What interests you about fashion?

I love the world of fashion, the hardships, the rewards ect. I LIVE for fashion week. Fashion is truly what helped me become the person i am. I can express how i feel, want to feel, or even how i am going to feel that day just by putting my outfit together. The world of fashion is also forever expanding, there is something new to learn everyday. With my attention span i need a career that keeps me on my toes everyday.

4) Tell me about your favourite accessory and why.

I have to say a watch is my favorite accessory. It keeps you looking put together but, you can also dress it up and make the look very edgy. The watch is a forever piece, its been around and is not going anywhere. I actually advise anyone to own a nice timeless watch. My go to watch right now is a silver / bronze metal mix Breitling.

5) Name three characteristics (in no particular order) on your Love List?

I say intelligent, caring, and well rounded. By well rounded i mean someone who is multicultural, and can hold a conversation in most topics. (I am a talker)



Holt Renfrew Valentine’s Day Book Signing

I posted more pics on my actual blog – not just this events one. Opps. I had such a great time at Holt Renfrew and I got to keep my signs – which will be framed in the near future 🙂 I enjoyed meeting all sorts of people who just wanted to chat. Plus – I can’t complain about my pretty dress and big hair. The best way to spend a Valentine’s Day.


Holt Renfrew Valentine’s Day

The Agents @amyleagil and #Kim stopped by yesterday. We are matching! @holtsvancouver @holtrenfrew #thelovelist Thanks for the support ladies!