Give a Sh!rt !


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As September approaches, there is a faint smell of new stationary and new clothes that fills the fall air and warms my heart. I love fashion, so I can shop at any time and that’s what I plan to do this weekend in NYC (if i can survive the heat!).

New York is known as a one of the greatest fashion cities in the world, and as people consume over 80 billion pieces of clothing each year; the clothing industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters.

Did you know that it can take over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton T-shirt? That’s a crazy amount of water just to make one t-shirt.

I’m partial to my super soft T-shirts that have been worn in myself. They are great to sleep in and they always fit just right. You can get the same, soft appeal from a thrifted shirt (at the fraction of the price too).

The campaign #IGIVEASHIRT, Value Village challenges 1 million people to choose a thrifted T-shirt over a new one to save over a 1,000 Olympic Sized Swimming Pools worth of water!

That’s huge! To help spread awareness of the cause, you can join me at the Vancouver Aquarium for an art installation on August 17 and show that you give a sh!rt about your clothing footprint.

Check out this video of the installation.


Nectar Juicery Review

BIG THINGS are happening to my site this month! Can’t wait… until then – let’s talk about juice.

Nectar juicery, a local company, offers up cold pressed juices. And let me tell you – they are tasty! They are camping out all month at Holt Renfrew Vancouver on the skybridge with free customized cleansing consultations! A win win in my books:) My trainer would call me lazy – but who wants to spend their half their day with a blender in a room full of vegetables concocting the perfect juice – especially when it’s sunny?

I’ve been drinking the Chlorophyll Aid post and pre workouts. The juice contains 9.5 alkaline water, chlorophyll, minerals, manuka honey, +26, lemon. It’s great for the skin and lowers the pH of the body (read: it’s a good thing!).

Don’t worry if you can’t get around to picking up juice at the stand this month – you can sign up for delivery service to your business/residence as well as find them at YYoga.

Make sure you follow Nectar juicery on twitter/instagram: @NECTARjuicery and ‘Like’ them on Facebook too and let them know where they should pop up next!