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If you know me, you know I can throw a mean party. And if you are lucky to be on my birthday guest list and have attended, you will know I really try to think of all the details. Here I had a chat with POPSUGAR writer Maressa Brown where she asked the question, “Who Pays For the Birthday Dinner?” 

A very timely piece after I hosted my birthday dinner mid Feb.  In the piece you will find my travel writer friend La Carmina as well.




On this last day of 2023, I give you not an article I wrote, for a change.  But here is one about me and my long-time trainer and friend Ayron Howey. This is written by my NYC pal Amanda for Women’s Health.

Hope you have a happy and healthy New year ahead.



House of Coco: 48 Hours in London

En route to Losinj, I was able to stay one night pre and post trip in London. 35 hours is not alot of time. Here are my suggestions to make the most of your short time. Click here to read the piece on House of Coco.


The Aegean Artisans: A Look At Modern Grecian Culture

After my wonderful 2 week stint in Greece, I came home and had to get to work (eek!). Click here to read my piece for House of Coco.

Although I miss all the yummy food, I am thankful to have missed the heat wave!


House of Coco: Marvellous Mauritius

Mauritius was so dreamy. If you have the opportunity to go, I would recommend it. It’s not over-crowded like other island retreats and 1/3 of the cost of the Maldives. While ever resort lines the beach, I had the opportunity to sample three Marriott properties.

Click here to read the article live on House of Coco.



House of Coco: All about Elle and Here comes the Bride!

Here are two pieces for House of Coco.

The first is about the latest Karen Millen partnership with Supermodel Elle Macpherson for the latest instalment in the ICON collection. Click here to read the story.

The second is the launch of Nadine Merabi ‘s SS23 Bridal Collection. Click here to read the story. 




House of Coco: Earth Day, Every Day

Little did I know my original roundup on some sustainable fashion brands would have a few PR groups reaching out and wanting an update on the story. Managed to create a whole new piece. Click here to read all about the brands and their ethos.


BELLA Magazine: Resort Wear Inspo and Travel Carry On Essentials

BELLA Mag got a refresh (and now live on BELLA Media + Co and I got two stories published on the new site! The first is my Resort Wear Inspo. Click here to read that roundup. The second is a Travel Carry – On Essentials roundup. I had so much to share I needed to split it up into two pieces.




House of Coco: New York City Guide

So excited to be working on these monthly City Guides for House of Coco. I did have the opportunity two weeks ago to visit (it was my first time since Feb 2020). I am going to be adding the new links as they come up.

Hope you enjoy one of my favourite cities in the world:

New York Year-round Date Ideas

Unique Ways to see New York City

Beautiful Boutique New York City Hotels

The Best New York City Brunch Spots

Behind the Brand: Artisans in New York City

Summer in the City: New York’s Best Rooftop Bars

All about Brooklyn: Stay, See and Shop

All about Brooklyn: Eats




HOUSE OF COCO: Intimissimi meets Icon

Who can really say no to Italy, Jennifer Lopez and lingerie? I was also introduced to Intimissimi when I was in Milan/Florence back in 2019. The brand has beautiful collections, and this Jennifer Lopez collaboration is gorgeous!

Click on this link for more info on the collection live onHouse of Coco. 


COTOPAXI: Beyond Everest

On our last day in Katmandu I got the pleasure of meeting Rina, Suman (our Nepalese guide’s wife).Click here to read the piece I wrote about her and her business for Cotopaxi.

I know I am biased, but it’s a great read about female empowerment.




Bella Magazine: WWWW? What Would Wednesday Wear?

I managed to watch Netflix’s Wednesday, not once – but twice over the break. And I really enjoyed it. Glad it’s coming back for a second season and it definitely deserves all the accolades it has received.


Click here for the link to the fashion/beauty roundup on BELLAMag.co


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Normally, I don’t do these. But then I was thinking to myself. What a good way to wrap up the year in an Oprah, “My favourite things” sort of way.

Click here for the link on BELLA and the link on House of Coco.



BELLA: Outerwear and Outfits

It’s been a while since I posted anything on BELLAMag.co, but I’ve been actually working on ones of these pieces since Sept. Believe it or not, sometimes these roundups take time.

Click here to read Woven Winter (my roundup on woven outerwear).

Click here to read Fall Fashion Finds


BELLA: Mountain Magic – A Weekend at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

What a lovely way to spend a weekend. I had the opportunity to check out what’s good about Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Click here to read the highlights in my latest for BELLA. 


BELLA: Singapore City Guide and Packing List

WOW. I feel like this also took some time to get all sorted. These two pieces were 9 pages! The first piece is the city guide. Click on this link to read it.  The second piece is a packing guide. Click on this link to read it.

I never really thought about humidity before I went to Singapore. I guess it’s been a long time since I have been in that kind of weather.


BELLA: The Great Outdoors – A Trek to Everest Base Camp – The Essentials and Comfort Edition

I wanted to put this together as I basically started from scratch in prep for Everest Base Camp. I had a few pieces, but not nearly all the layers I really needed. Let’s just say, next time I’ll be prepared.

Click here to read  the Essentials Edition.

Click here to read the Comfort Edition.



BELLA: The Eyes of Everest

I know what you might be thinking – didn’t Elena return from Nepal over a month ago? Yes June 6 to be exact. And when you check out this piece (Click here for the BELLA Media.co link to the article), you’ll see why a Coles Notes version of the adventure just wasn’t possible. Hope you enjoy it!



And you had to know this was coming with the launch of Bridgerton Season 2. Here is my roundup of necklaces for BELLAMedia.co Can’t wait for the upcoming seasons.


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BELLA: Dames + Drinks: Three Cocktails to Celebrate Women’s History Month

It is Women’s History Month – all March long. And what a way to celebrate then with cocktails inspired by influential women from two influential mixologists – Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero. I had the pleasure of doing a short interview with Ivy for Thrive back in 2020. 

Here is the link for the BELLA Media.co piece.



BELLA: Spring Fling: 11 New Beauty Finds for Springtime

So here we are -it’s almost Spring! I can feel the weather getting a little warmer, the sun out for longer. I thought I should pre celebrate and do a beauty roundup on new products for Spring. Click on this link for the roundup on BELLAMag.co



BELLA: Tales of a Tiny Room Refresh

After 5 long months, I think my bedroom refresh is complete. It’s astonishing how fast time flies and how much the supply chain has affected our shopping habits. Click here to read the full article on BELLA Media.co



Ok – that was a very long title for a very fun article. I came up with the premise over the holidays and with Emily in Paris being renewed for two more seasons (gasp!) it just made sense. Click here for the piece on BELLA Media.co


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I am definitely missing travel and I am so grateful I was able to head south twice late last year. Hope this gives you the inspo you need as better days are ahead.


BELLA: The Path to Paso Robles

My first trip in 18 months and I found myself in California Wine Country. Not the usual Napa/Sonoma area though – I went to Paso Robles. 3.5 hours between SF and LA. Click here to Read about all the adventures here on BELLAMag.co 


BELLA: The Short and the Long of It – 9 Fall Outerwear Finds

Here is a long-time-coming roundup on Fall Outerwear for BELLA. I have every intention to get this out at the end of Sept – but with firms running at half capacity response were lacking. Anyway, I am super happy how this all turned out. Click here to read the piece. 


THRIVE: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with Duncan McRae of WOVEN

To continue on with my pairing of interviews – here is one with Duncan McRae of the whisky  brand WOVEN. Although it came out a little bit later than anticipated, it was very in depth. Also – this is the week of the Tales of the Cocktails Awards. Check out my Thrive interview here. 


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