BELLA: Dames + Drinks: Three Cocktails to Celebrate Women’s History Month

It is Women’s History Month – all March long. And what a way to celebrate then with cocktails inspired by influential women from two influential mixologists – Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero. I had the pleasure of doing a short interview with Ivy for Thrive back in 2020. 

Here is the link for the BELLA piece.



THRIVE: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with Duncan McRae of WOVEN

To continue on with my pairing of interviews – here is one with Duncan McRae of the whisky  brand WOVEN. Although it came out a little bit later than anticipated, it was very in depth. Also – this is the week of the Tales of the Cocktails Awards. Check out my Thrive interview here. 


Thrive: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with entrepreneur, Neal Bodenheimer

After an ongoing struggle of tech issues since I posted Patricia’s interview, I think I finally figured out what the WordPress issue.

Anyway, the Tales of the Cocktail 2021 Spirited Awards are coming up and I nominated someone for the Pioneer Award – sadly there is no top ten announced this week. There is only the winner at the end of Sept. Nevertheless, I am proud of my composition as it took 4 weeks to put together.

Here is an interview with Neal Bodenheimer, who serves as co-chair on the Board of Directors for Tales of the Cocktail. 


THRIVE: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with food designer/scientist, Dr. Johnny Drain

So last year, I wrote one of the best pieces I’ve ever written called Food for Thought. Dr. Johnny Drain was a part of it. It only made sense to get him back to see what he was up to  this year. Check out his interview here.