THRIVE: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with Duncan McRae of WOVEN

To continue on with my pairing of interviews – here is one with Duncan McRae of the whisky  brand WOVEN. Although it came out a little bit later than anticipated, it was very in depth. Also – this is the week of the Tales of the Cocktails Awards. Check out my Thrive interview here. 


Thrive: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with entrepreneur, Neal Bodenheimer

After an ongoing struggle of tech issues since I posted Patricia’s interview, I think I finally figured out what the WordPress issue.

Anyway, the Tales of the Cocktail 2021 Spirited Awards are coming up and I nominated someone for the Pioneer Award – sadly there is no top ten announced this week. There is only the winner at the end of Sept. Nevertheless, I am proud of my composition as it took 4 weeks to put together.

Here is an interview with Neal Bodenheimer, who serves as co-chair on the Board of Directors for Tales of the Cocktail. 


THRIVE: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with author, Patricia Wooster

After I got bit by the ClubHouse bug, I convinced Patricia Wooster to include me on her moderator panel. So glad I did. It’s a wealth of knowledge for all writers and I learn so much every time I join. Check out her interview for my series here.



THRIVE: 5 Minutes/5 Questions with @AllThatGlittersOnTheGram

Here is an interview with famed wedding designer known as @AllThatGlittersOnTheGram. I remember really liking one of her long sleeve dresses she had made year ago and seeing her on the TLC Show, “Say Yes to the Dress.” So nice to actually chat with her!  Check out her interview here.