THRIVE: 5 Minutes/ 5 Questions with food designer/scientist, Dr. Johnny Drain

So last year, I wrote one of the best pieces I’ve ever written called Food for Thought. Dr. Johnny Drain was a part of it. It only made sense to get him back to see what he was up to  this year. Check out his interview here.


Thrive Global: Education through Eating

Here is my convo with Chef Douglas McMaster of Silo London and the new Zero Waste Cooking School and food educator experience designer, Charles Michel for Thrive. This is the sequel to my initial article, Food for Thought. Both had really aligned POVs and values and it was nice to hear more of their thoughts on the Future of Food.




Thrive Global: Food for Thought

Here is a piece for a joint interview with Chef Eduardo Marin and Dr. Johnny Drain on the Slow Food Movement. Read it here.

I’m actually in the process of doing a follow up piece with Chef Douglas McMaster from Silo London and the Zero Waste Cooking School. Should be out very very soon!