#TheLoveList Lounge Product Sponsor Roundup

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For those who could not attend #TheLoveList Lounge at Marie-Lou &D salon- here is a brief product sponsor roundup. All these companies – both small and large helped make my event for 15 lovely attendants AMAZING.

I hear my swag bags were even better than the Milk Studio NYFW swag bags (gasp!). The fabulous Lexicon of Style had this to say, “This swag bag is NO JOKE! I opened it and diedddddd at everything.”

This made me super happy because I carefully curated the event to only contain products I would use and have no problem endorsing.  Stay tuned for some interviews with some of the companies listed below.  I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share these great brands at #TheLoveList Lounge:

Invo Coconut water

Skinny Gal Sparklers

Lily’s Sweets


Tease Tea

Happy Spritz

Spoon Me Sweetly

Perpetual Shade

Kara Yoo Jewelry

Panty by Post

Thomas Pink





Top 5 Media Coverage Countdown for 2015

This is my top 5 list of media coverage for The Love List/Me in 2015. I’m so grateful for everyone that collaborated with me on some level. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Happy 2016!

5) Arise 360 Interview in NY – My first on camera interview. I think I was alright 🙂


4) Glamour.com cameo thanks to Packed Party

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.44.12 PM

3) TechStyle event with SkinnyGal Sparklers Twitter Chat

2) BellaNYC Magazine glossy feature TIED with two The Style Line contributions (one about Vancouver and the other about Paris).

1) L’Oreal Canada for LOULOU. It was my first time colouring my hair! Eek. It turned out great and I was even featured on their YouTube Channel.



The Love List at TechStyleNYC

The Love List made its way to NYFW at the TechStyle Event. I partnered with SkinnyGirl Sparklers (Bethenny Frankel) and participated in the first #SkinnyGirlChats Twitter Q&A! I was nervous but it was a lot of fun! I was the only Canadian, only author and only one with a delicious treats (Thanks Ali of What’s Bakin’ NYC)

I got to meet and greet media and fashionistas who braved the cold and hung out inside – especially for a cupcake (or two). The fabulous decor was provided by Quick Candles and the roses from my friends at Ode a la Rose.

Thank you everyone – especially SkinnyGirl and Janine Just Inc – I had an amazing time!


ps: No pictures of the lamb burger I inhaled at the Breslin (Ace Hotel) post TechStyle though. It was too yummy to take a picture (and I was starving).