BELLA: Optimizing Ourselves and Top 5 Local Must-Do’s in 5 Iconic Cities

Just catching up from some busy weeks. I was in NYC (which I will tell you about in my next post) and then I went to the UK as well. Here are two pieces for BELLA.

Optimizing Ourselves – It was my research about supplements and vitamin regimes on the market today.

Top 5 Local Must-Do’s in 5 Iconic Cities – Looks at a survey of 5 cities around the world and their Must Do lists as noted by locals.





We stopped at this place called Aux Merveilleux de Fred which specializes in flavourful meringues and brioche. (Note: they have a shop in NY!). They are amazing.

I took a photo of the Karl Lagerfeld store, but alas it was closed when we went back to check it out.

Let me explain about the radish sandwich. It was delicious. Butter bread, butter, sea salt and a radish shaped like a cocktail sausages rather than the round ones we get in the North America.




The great apartment in
Bastille served as my home for the week thanks to Airbnb! I have never
been in that area before and lucky for us it was close to the Metro and along
the Port de L’Arsenal. The weather was fantastic. It was unseasonably warm for
springtime in Paris which was great for any photos taken (no filter).


5 Minutes 5 Questions: Alex DiMaggio

I feel like it’s been a while since my last interview. Off to NYC next week and I can’t wait to see Alex DiMaggio from What’s Bakin’ NYC.  I ordered special cupcakes and I can’t wait to hand deliver them to three companies next Friday! I’ll post pictures of the final product next week. But In the meantime, here is 5 minute/5 questions with the talented and sweet baker, Alex DiMaggio:

1) How long have you lived in New York?

I’m a native New Yorker born & raised, which I like to say kind of makes me a unicorn in this global city!

2) When did you start baking? 

When I was 12, my mom and I took a cake decorating class at a local chocolate shop just to do something fun together. From there, it became a hobby and creative outlet of mine that friends always encouraged me to pursue. In 2012, I got the opportunity to live in Brazil, where I was so inspired by the amazing sense of happiness, optimism and wonder that the Brazilian people inherently posses. It was one of my favorite things about the experience, and something I vowed to take with me. So when I returned to NY with Brazilian optimism fresh in my heart, I decided to take a leap! I’ve been so lucky to have lots of support from amazing family, friends and of course Instagram followers!

3) What is your favourite cupcake/cake flavour and why? 

My favorite flavor would definitely have to be my “Viva Brazil” variety. It, of course, is inspired by my time there and is just irresistible. Besides that, I don’t think there’s anything “vanilla” about French Vanilla!

4) What is your advice for new bakers thinking about starting their own business? 

Don’t be afraid to start small! Sure, it can get overwhelming at times, but when you get to share in the happy celebrations and milestones of others, it’s all worth it!

5) What are the top three characteristics on your Love List (characteristics or qualities you are looking for in a potential mate or your current mate)?

You know, it’s funny how your priorities change as you get older! Being a single woman in NYC these days can be brutal, but what’s really important to me now is a great sense of humor, good manners and honesty! And if he’s got an English accent, he gets bonus points!

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