My second Huffington Blog Piece

I refurbished an existing piece and talked about my favourite childhood books in relation to three themes: Female empowerment, optimism and love/affection. I had to add my faves though – the Berenstain Bears and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’ve had some great feedback that it is quite nostalgic. Read the piece here.


Book Review: Goddess of Love Incarnate

After finishing the book last night, I thought it was due time to get rolling with my late review. (I have a new respect for Kindles’ though – the book was heavy to cart around on transit). All the stories and the photographs included in the book made for an interesting read. Lili had lived and Leslie Zemeckis did a fantastic job capturing her roller coaster of a life.

Before the book, I had never heard of Lili St. Cyr and the differences between us are obvious. But after reading Lili’s bio I couldn’t help but to pull some similarities:

  • We both have affection for white roses, pearls, and champagne. I know Instagram accounts built on this love.
  • Fans of great fashion designers like Balenciaga and Dior (Although my goal is to actually wear the clothes one day like Lili – My Dior espadrilles are magnificent. The perfume they sprayed on them at Le Bon Marche in Paris lingered all the way home).
  • We like to keep busy, are disciplined and are always working on something. Lili was continually trying to improve and worked hard to be stand out.
  • We don’t like the feeling of being claustrophobic or tied down. Lili did have 5 or 6 marriages by the time she was my age, which seems like a lot – but I figured she was into the euphoria of romance rather than a lifelong commitment.
  • We like adventure. I seem to enjoy international travel more than Lili did but then again I’m also not carting around vintage trunks when travel either.
  • We both have been to the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood and the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco (it’s now the Westin St. Francis – but it’s kept it’s charm) and Bergdorf Goodman.
  • She spent a large amount of time in Canada – Montreal to be exact. I’m from the west coast of Canada.
  • Lili made a Love List (sort of)! On page 329, I was delighted to read that for an interview she broke down her lovers/friends and the qualities she admired about them such as wit, sex appeal and generosity.

At the high point in her career, Lili was pulling a 6-figure salary (maybe the equivalent of almost a million now?) but sadly spending through all her earnings at a rapid rate. Like a bad business case, if she only invested a small portion of her millions she wouldn’t have to sell her beloved house. A collaboration with a company like Agent Provocateur or Dom Pérignon would have been a lucrative deal (this is easy to propose as an outsider!). She did have her own lingerie line at one point. It’s a shame her club in NYC, Boudoir never made it. I’m sure the décor and design was amazing. Many opportunities sadly lost.

I enjoyed reading this well written biography full of details and packed with research. And although her demise was tragic and unpleasant, the story of the stripteuse can live on in The Goddess of Love Incarnate, as glamorous, passionate and full of joie de vivre as Lili St. Cyr herself.

ELENA:) ps: I had a short 5 minute 5 question interview with author, Leslie Zemeckis posted on my News & Events page.


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5 Minutes 5 Questions: Amy Gilson

You know when you shop too much when you have your favourite go-to sales associates in your contact list.

Amy Gilson, a luxury lingerie connoisseur and writer/blogger has sold me a pair of knickers (or maybe a few) and she’s definitely changed the way I see something as basic as underwear – as well as writing. Her blog posts are raw/honest and I enjoy the candid nature of her storytelling. Overall, I’m super excited, as Amy is the first writer that I have ever interviewed and her work will be featured in an online magazine soon (details to follow). Yay!

Here is 5 minutes/5 questions with the fun and creative Amy Gilson:

1) How long have you lived in Vancouver?

I will have been in Vancouver 3 years August 1st. I am always flipping back and forth between feeling like a “city girl” and like I just moved here and still get lost on the bus.

2) What is your favorite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is all the places it can take you. I typically post a lot of rant-like material and strong opinions so I love writing because it gives me this avenue to express myself in a calm and thought out way rather than screaming at strangers on the bus.
I also write fiction and I think that is a really great release because you can create something that is an escape from the real world. You can explore thoughts or themes that maybe your real life isn’t going to create for you. I am a pretty big homebody so writing is in a lot of ways how I get “out”.
3) What is your single best piece advice for aspiring writers?
Read! Write! Repeat!
I am not the most talented writer, however I do it constantly and can only hope that will help me improve. I read every single day and I wish I could push that habit on everyone around me.
4) What is your favorite piece of lingerie and why?
I love a good high-waist knicker. I have one pair that is fairly simple, black power-mesh with a silk panel at the center front and the waistband is above my belly button. I have been told specifically that it is a man-repellent number but it is my favorite because I do not wear it to be attractive I wear it because it makes me happy.
5) What are the top three characteristics on your Love List (characteristics or qualities you are looking for in a potential mate or your current mate)?
1- Timing: I personally have no interest in finding a partner currently so anyone who would work out needs to be in that place as well. I would not want to meet someone who may be otherwise “perfect” for me only to have them express a desire to be married within the next year.
2- Communication & Passion : These two go together as one for me because though I would want someone who can communicate with me on all things I need someone who is going to not only have strong opinions but who is willing to talk about them. If I cannot have a lively debate with someone I tend to not even do well attempting friendships let alone a romantic path. Indifferent individuals do not tend to last long in my life.
3- Must Love Dogs (and not want children) : I often say that this is actually my only requirement in a future partner. I have never been overly picky when it comes to physical appearance, I have dated everyone from uptight engineers to stoner-types who spend more time skateboarding than actually working (and yes as adults), and I do not require my partner to think like me simply to think. My big deal breakers revolve around dogs and children. . I have small dogs and whenever a guy says they “only like big dogs” I see a giant red X floating above their head. Whenever someone says they want children a similar effect happens except with slightly less resentment. If a man feels the need to tell me I will change my mind about children the red X is accompanied with flashing lights and a siren.
I feel when it comes to finding a partner for myself it isn’t so much what I am looking for in a partner as what I am looking for in my life and what kind of person could fit inside that life. The concept of a “perfect man” is so dehumanizing and puts the concept of a partner on a pedestal. I would want someone to share my life with not someone to be my life.

With that said I fairly recently wrote about how I do not want a partner at this point and genuinely mean that so I may be the worst person to ask haha.