Who Runs the World? Girls.

I was working on this piece for a bit and got around to finishing it finally before my “No writing in July” deadline came around. Here is my second piece for Thrive Global, Who Runs the World? Girls. This was actually rejected by Huffington Post Canada as being too promotional – but thankfully picked up by Thrive.



Together We Rise: Huffington Post

Here is a follow up piece to my first Cambodia article (A Better Place for our Plastic Bottles). It’s called Together We Rise, after a conversation I had with my friend in LA who told me about this email she received from a fellow small business owner. I loved it so much that I wanted to use it somewhere in my work.


My second Huffington Blog Piece

I refurbished an existing piece and talked about my favourite childhood books in relation to three themes: Female empowerment, optimism and love/affection. I had to add my faves though – the Berenstain Bears and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’ve had some great feedback that it is quite nostalgic. Read the piece here.


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