5 Minutes 5 Questions: Rony Walia

Here is a picture of stylist Rony Walia working with Miss World Canada contestant Jasmeen Johal. I also had the pleasure of working with Rony on Valentine’s Day during my signing for The Love List at Holt Renfrew. We had so much fun dishing about fashion that I had to interview him.

Here is 5 questions/5 minutes with stylist Rony Walia.

1) How long have you lived in Vancouver?

Born and raised in this amazing city.

2) Describe your style in 3 words.

Black, abnormal, and clean.

3) What interests you about fashion?

I love the world of fashion, the hardships, the rewards ect. I LIVE for fashion week. Fashion is truly what helped me become the person i am. I can express how i feel, want to feel, or even how i am going to feel that day just by putting my outfit together. The world of fashion is also forever expanding, there is something new to learn everyday. With my attention span i need a career that keeps me on my toes everyday.

4) Tell me about your favourite accessory and why.

I have to say a watch is my favorite accessory. It keeps you looking put together but, you can also dress it up and make the look very edgy. The watch is a forever piece, its been around and is not going anywhere. I actually advise anyone to own a nice timeless watch. My go to watch right now is a silver / bronze metal mix Breitling.

5) Name three characteristics (in no particular order) on your Love List?

I say intelligent, caring, and well rounded. By well rounded i mean someone who is multicultural, and can hold a conversation in most topics. (I am a talker)