Metro UK Feature with Flytographer

When you read this – you may wonder if in fact I am currently using my fabulous Flytographer photos for an online dating profile – I am not 🙂 But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great idea.

I think it’s funny that I talk about Paris in the article – but these pictures are from New York. Details…

This is from the Life & Style report in the Metro UK for September 4, 2014

How a hot shot can help snap up a date 

Author Elena Murzello talks to Ashley Pearson about boosting her profile with a pro-shot portfolio

Everyone knows you have to look good in an online dating profile. Using a professional snapper and hiring a witty writer to pen your blurb is becoming the norm but no longer content with standing against a white background, singles are hiring photographers to capture them in glam settings in order to attract a lover.

While holiday snaps are nothing new- as Kate Taylor, relationship expert for says “People in summery, exotic photographs are seen as more attractive, sociable and healthier than the same people in wintery shots” – the chances of you capturing the perfect holiday selfie are slim. But hire a pro and you get all the extra pizzazz (and airbrushing) of a professional and capture the adventurous globetrotter vibe as well.

Think stylish shots of sporty looking accountants skiing down mountains, glam PR girls climbing out yellow cabs in teetering heels, curvy divorcees lying on immaculate white sandy beaches and good looking hipsters hiking Kilimanjaro.

No wonder companies like Flytographer are in demand. It’s a service providing professional – quality holiday photos worldwide thanks to a network os skilled snappers, many of who shoot for likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Elena Murzello, dating expert and author of The Love List: A Guide to Getting who you want, is a client. “Having a profile photo that stands out is vital,” she says. “First impressions are key and it’s the difference between a swipe or a second look.”

“Travelling solo to Paris, I booked Flytographer to capture me on the Pont des Arts bridge and at the Louvre. There’s only so much detail and personality a random selfie can portray. I loved the results – my online interest increased exponentially.”

Flytographer founder Nicole Smith is surprised by this new market but couldn’t be happier. “I set up the company so that people on holiday would go home with great photographic memories,” she says. “If clients are using them as a way to find true love after they get home, it’s a bonus.”


5 Minutes 5 Questions: Jen Reiher (Flytographer)

These are my two favourite Flytographer shots. The first is from my Paris Flytographer shoot with Pierre Torset from February. The second picture is from Johnny Wolf in New York in April.

I decided I had to interview with Jen Reiher, who is the shoot concierge for Flytographer. Totally organized and personable – you are definitely in great hands when you book a shoot. I should know 😉

Here is 5 minutes/ 5 questions with the lovely Jen Reiher.

1) How long have you lived in Victoria?
My entire life – minus a GAP year spent volunteering in the UK. It’s hard to imagine leaving Victoria! It’s the perfect size, has an amazing food scene and the weather is the best in Canada!
2) What are your top three favourite cities in the world to visit?
So far? Budapest, Hungary; Seoul, Korea & Portland, Oregon. However… since starting to work for Flytographer the top 3 places on my ‘to visit’ list are Placencia, Belize; Lisbon, Portugal & Cancun, Mexico!
3) What is your must need travel accessory?
A very timely question… I’m travelling to Vegas for the first time in a few weeks and just starting to pack my bags and the one thing I need to find still is a great hat…! It’s a super important accessory for fashion as well as practicality for sunny destinations, but in winter a toque is a pretty classic Canadian accessory, too.
4) What’s the best part of reviewing all the pictures from all the photographers around the world?
Just how many authentically magical moments our photographers capture! I always get a little bit chocked up when I’m uploading the photo sets because the personalities and emotions just leap out of the screen. I think this is because we are capturing such meaningful moments and connections between people and places like anniversaries, honeymoons (or second honeymoons!), engagements, birthdays & bucket list trips.
5) Name three characteristics on your Love List? (Qualities that you look for in a potential mate/or your mate has already)
This was basically the gist of my wedding vows…

  1. Nerdiness: My husband and I started talking because we are both Mac nerds, and we’ve never stopped sharing geekery with each other.
  2. Adaptability: openness to change, and the ability to grow together is so key to me to long-term happiness in relationships! I am definitely not the same as I was when I met my husband 10 years ago, and neither is he, but we have definitely grown together and changed each other in small ways for the better.
  3. Compatibility yet independence : My husband and I are a great team, but we are not inseparable… it is so important to have passions to pursue outside of each other! It gives us things to talk about together if nothing else… 🙂


My New List (Jan 27 2011)

Ok in honor of my birthday in 2 days… i have cut down the list… made it more succinct…

1) Educated

2) Loves everything about me

3) Witty, Funny, Goofy when appropriate

4) Does not lie, can tell the truth, honest, trustworthy

5) Can handle confrontation, forward/direct

6) Ambitious, will enrich my life, encouraging and supportive

7) has self esteem, not too cocky

8) well paying job

9) has hobbies, reads

10) friendly, affectionate, PDA
11) open minded thinks outside to box, creative, adventurous and likes to try new things

12) outgoing/social

13) compassionate/understanding/patient/ thoughtful/respect

14) good communication

15) warm/caring/genuine/considerate

16) short hair

17) Taller than 5″9

18) lean (not skinner than me)

19) keep up with hygiene

20) loves to travel

21) great relationship with friends/family

22) has a sense of style

23) 29-35

24) healthy, likes to exercise


1 6 7 8 9