For Thrive Global: Our Productive Passions

Since my trip to the UK back at the end of Feb, I struggled on how I would write essentially a ‘trade’ piece and have it be relevant. I think I succeed – read it here.




Chandeliers. Can be both tacky or classy. Here is a set in Bath.


Bath UK

The London leg of the trip started with a trip to Bath after the 8 hour plane ride. Thank goodness i was flying United, i managed to score three seats to myself. I ended up half sleeping half writing this confession email to someone. Not good.

We stayed at the Halcyon Hotel which was perfect for 2 nights as it was very close quarters. The hotel was walking distance to the train station which was very convenient. Also very convenient, the Marks & Spencer. I love going to groceries stores abroad… they always have interesting eats.

Here is a picture from the Roman Bath.