I think this was the first morning that I actually had a real breakfast (le petit dejeuner) in Paris. Cafe au lait et crepe de citron. 


5 Minutes 5 Questions: Pierre Torset

I had so much fun shooting with Paris Photographer Pierre Torset from Flytographer in Paris that i asked him to do a short interview with me:

5 minutes/5 questions with photographer, Pierre Torset

1) How long have you lived in Paris?

Half of my life (the beginning and most recent part of it)


2) What is your favorite thing to eat in Paris?

Asian food !


3) When did you start photography?


While I was studying something else.


4) Is there anywhere particular where in Paris that you like to shoot pictures?


Impossible to tell, so many great locations around !


5) Name three characteristics (in no particular order) on your Love List?






Pierre Torset Photo Shoot

Some great shots from the Pierre Torset shoot in Paris (Flytographer).

It was rather chilly and I did have to wake up early, but all in all great shots around the Louvre and Pont des Arts.