Orox Leather Co. Review

When I finished grad school, I vowed to
upgrade certain well-utilized belongings that screamed undergrad/high school
student. My laptop sleeve was one of these items. Months passed as I searched
for something that was C-suite worthy and combined both fashion and function.
Alas, I could not find anything that I loved without breaking the bank (Chanel
came out with a great notepad holder which I thought could serve dual purpose –
but the price tag made me feel queasy).


As an avid traveller, I find myself appreciating
the dual function of items; like a laptop sleeve that could also serve as a
clutch. If you’re a shopper like myself, you know that having extra room in
your luggage for new purchases is key. In the case of my Paris trip – this
meant my new jacket, shoes, sunglasses and gifts for colleagues/friends could
easily fit in my luggage and I did not have to say a small prayer when my
luggage was placed on the scale at Charles de Gaulle.


Orox Leather Co., owned and operated
by the Martinez family in Portland, Oregon handcrafts beautiful leather goods. The
name Orox, is derived from the fusion of the Martinez family’s origin from
Oaxaca, Mexico to Oregon. I had the opportunity to take an Orox laptop sleeve
and a couple cord minders on my recent trip to test out the quality
craftsmanship first hand.


When the products arrived at
my house pre trip, I was blown away at the oil tanned tan leather. To say it is
beautiful is definitely an understatement and like most things, I expect it to
get better with age.  There is something
to be said when your flight neighbour in 14C asks you, “Where did you get


Classic and elegant, the
style of the laptop sleeve is so timeless and clean – I couldn’t help but to
double it as my clutch as I roamed the streets of Montmartre. It served well,
both protecting my laptop throughout the trip and giving my shoulders a rest
from my cross body bag. I was so impressed that when I got home, I immediately
checked out the belts and other fabulous accessories.


Speaking of accessories, the
cord minders proved to have multiple uses as well.  A solution for those unruly computer/phone
chargers; the cord minders are so strong you can even secure a dress or pants
to hanger (using the clothing straps) after a steam. Brilliant.


It’s safe to say the Orox
Leather Co
. offers something rare in the mass production of leather goods –
quality products perfected with rich traditional techniques, which will, just
like the Martinez family last for generations to come.


Be sure to follow Orox Leather Co. on Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr: oroxleatherco and ‘Like’ them on Facebook.



Check out the best Valentine’s outfit ever! Kate Spade coat, Eddie Borgo choker, Jimmy Choo shoes and The Love List clutch. The Love List clutch was made by Mrs. Chaplin from Etsy. Thanks Voguers!


5 Minutes 5 Questions: Mrs. Chaplin

I adore Olympia Le-Tan clutches (the workmanship is amazing), but not the price tag unfortunately.  Check them out on Net-a-porter. I found a wonderful lady on Etsy, by the name of Tatiana Kononova. Her shop, Mrs. Chaplin sells handcrafted clutch purses for a fraction of the price.

Through our interactions, I asked her if I could interview her. Here is 5 questions/5 minutes with Mrs. Chaplin herself, the talented, Tatiana Kononova.

1) How long have you lived in Moscow?

For almost 30 years now as (I was born here).

2) How did you start making clutches?

I came across an Olympia Le-Tan clutch in some fashion magazine and really fell in love with the idea. After a shock from seeing its price had passed I started thinking whether there was a way I could make something similar myself. I googled some DIYs but wasn’t entirely happy with the final results they offered. So I decided I should come up with my own method. I had some sewing experience before but frankly speaking it was the first time I tried embroidery)) The first clutch I made was a Russian translation of a Tove Jansson’s book called “What’s next?” (which actually reflected my mood at the time as I was between jobs). It wasn’t flawless but all my friends were amazed when they saw it and suggested I should start a small book-clutch business. I thought “Why not?”).

3) What is your favourite thing about embroidery clutches for people around the world?

I’ve always loved books and not only just reading them – simply holding them in my hands felt a little bit like magic. Now I like looking for interesting covers that I think might look nice as clutches. Transferring a picture onto a canvas with felt and thread is kind of a challenge but really exciting one. And of course it’s very inspiring to know that people from so many different countries are interested in my work.

4) How did you come up with your shop name, Mrs. Chaplin?

I wish I had a nice story about this but the truth is that I simply don’t remember where it came from) I recall that when I was setting up my iPhone a couple of years ago I needed to name it somehow for the account settings and Mrs.Chaplin was a first thought from the top of my head. How I came up with it is still a mystery to me.

5) Name three characteristics (in no particular order) on your Love List? (characteristics or qualities you are looking for in a potential mate or your current mate)

I guess these would be:
– intelligence (I think this is the main quality for two people to have something to talk about if they decide to be together for the entire life and not just for one night);
– tolerance (I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes and I’m grateful to my husband that he is usually wise enough to let my craziness slide without starting an unnecessary fight);
– love of life (I am a kind of person who enjoys simple pleasures in life like finding another good restaurant or seeing an interesting movie. My husband is pretty much the same so it helps us not get bored by the daily routine).