Balloon Delivery

The second part to the whole trip is the Balloon delivery. I pin pointed some managers/producers who i wanted to work with and they got a balloon bouquet delivered to them along with a package of my info. I found this company online (Any Occasion Balloons) who was fairly close to the hotel and they were willing to deliver 6 of the 10 bouquets. The gals there were so helpful. Here is a picture on an unfinished bouquet sideways (I tried to fix it) I think that there were going to have more star balloons.

The other 4 were delivered by us which ended up making things a tad more interesting. My friend, who was the nicest most understanding driver EVER drove from Santa Monica all the way to Burbank in traffic. Yikes!


Joan’s on Third

Joan’s on Third. Need i say more. I bought some lunch here. We had breakfast here. My friend bought goodies from here. Spectacular. Yes, i must give credit to the GOOP website which turned us on to this lovely place which was in our hood. Across from Magnolia’s, it’s a definitely a place to check out. I really think it reminds me of a quaint Dean and Deluca’s.


L.A. Day 1 continues

Then it was on to Appian Way (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Nuyorician (Jennifer Lopez) Productions. I really didn’t think that with all the tight security there might be a problem.

We went to Appian Way on Sunset and managed to walk right past the cleaning people who paid us no attention. At the door, i slipped a couple of cards under the door while my friend held the elevator.

At Nuyorician Productions we did the same, only the door opened just as we were getting onto the elevator. But even to get into the building is another story, we first had to enter the parkade and take the elevator up to the correct floor as the front door was locked.

It definitely isn’t easy to gain access to big production companies when you don’t have an appointment!


Are You Ready?

After the two casting agencies, we were on our way to Bad Robot and Bruckheimer Productions. Two places, very close together. Bad Robot is J.J Abrams’s production company. The sign “are you ready?” is on the door to the office. There was no door bell or anything like that so i put some post cards through the door and some on the cars in the back.

At Bruckheimer Productions, there was no door. Just a nice security guard at a large gate who took my postcard.