Manslations Book Review

MANSLATIONS!!! Best book to decoding the secret language of men….thank you Jeff Mac!

I’m not going to ruin the book for you but there is this thing called the Anger Smokescreen that a guy used on me… multiple times actually….

“It goes like this: You catch him doing something wrong; you have all the evidence; and yet he flips out as if you’re the one being outrageous. He’s banking on you not being confident enough to defend your point in the face of furious anger” (or in my case a wagging water bottle).

“So what he’ll do is this: He’ll get twice as mad at you as you are at him. His hope is that you’ll suddenly wonder if it isn’t all your fault after all.”

“Usually the guys who are heavy into this one date women with terrible enough self-esteem that is actually works – he can actually convince these ladies that it’s all their issue and he’s the victim. Oftentimes they will even apologize to him!”

Wow… sounds all too familiar doesn’t it 😉