My New List (Jan 27 2011)

Ok in honor of my birthday in 2 days… i have cut down the list… made it more succinct…

1) Educated

2) Loves everything about me

3) Witty, Funny, Goofy when appropriate

4) Does not lie, can tell the truth, honest, trustworthy

5) Can handle confrontation, forward/direct

6) Ambitious, will enrich my life, encouraging and supportive

7) has self esteem, not too cocky

8) well paying job

9) has hobbies, reads

10) friendly, affectionate, PDA
11) open minded thinks outside to box, creative, adventurous and likes to try new things

12) outgoing/social

13) compassionate/understanding/patient/ thoughtful/respect

14) good communication

15) warm/caring/genuine/considerate

16) short hair

17) Taller than 5″9

18) lean (not skinner than me)

19) keep up with hygiene

20) loves to travel

21) great relationship with friends/family

22) has a sense of style

23) 29-35

24) healthy, likes to exercise


Birthday Plans

Birthday plans… I turn 30 on the 29th of January. Last year was my “champagne” birthday and it was in a penthouse at the Loden. Cool party. But this year, i am thinking something a bit bigger. Check out this hotel called the Keefer.