Tiny Fern: Make your own lip balm

Tiny Fern: Make your own lip balm
January 24, 2016 Elena Murzello


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I really should be packing, but I’ve left my tiny fern, Make Your Own Lip Balm kit for too long without giving it a go. Much to my amazement – the whole process was 10 minutes tops (not including the cooling of the balm in the tube). And yes,  I had fun.

In a world of mass produced product, it’s nice to know the ingredients used in beauty products. I enjoyed the chance to add different essential oils to create a signature scent. I stuck to the sweet orange though – but the kit comes with lemon grass and peppermint too.


Out of all the DIY kits out there, this is super. The activity is engaging but does not drain the entire day. It’s not messy and requires little clean up. In fact, all of the packaging is recyclable which means it’s not only a treat for you, but the earth as well. Win-win.

Check out tiny fern for more information on this and other great kits and don’t forget to follow tiny fern on Instagram: @tiny.fern and ‘Like’ their page on Facebook.





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